Innovacell - Biotechnologie


Product Concept

Innovacell has developed a proprietary product concept. In the first step, cells are extracted from the patient's pectoral muscles by means of a minor biopsy using a tissue punch. In the second step, these cells are specifically propagated in Innovacell's production facility. Finally, the new autologous cells are injected into target tissue, using a gentle, minimally invasive process. The propagated muscle cells (myoblasts) grow into and strengthen the existing sphincter. In this way, the body's own cells are able to heal the SUI or faecal incontinence condition.


To implant the cells, Innovacell has developed and patented ultra-sound guided injection technologies.


Innovacell's therapy concept is unique with respect to both its composition and method. Patients benefit from the natural and gentle method of therapy, which can provide a potentially lifelong solution to the conditions of stress urinary- and faecal incontinence after just one treatment. Both the technology and the therapy concept have proven themselves robust and sustainable. And so the signs are good that a clinically tested cell-therapy treatment for incontinence will be made available to a large number of patients.