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ICEF15 - Market and Trends

The market for therapies to treat faecal incontinence is also of considerable size. Between 1% and 10% of adults are affected with faecal incontinence, with 0.5 – 1% of adults experiencing regular incontinence that effects their quality of life.1 The medical need for a better method is very high, since there has been no long-lasting form of therapy to benefit affected patients. Currently several strategies are used that include supportive and specific measures like Pharmacologic Therapy, Biofeedback Therapy, Plugs, Sphincter Bulkers and Surgery. Because the outcome of most procedures ranges from significant improvement initially to a less satisfactory result in the long term, no single procedure is universally accepted.2

On the grounds of the potentially great therapeutic advantages offered by ICEF15 – long-lasting relief from faecal incontinence with only one treatment – it could turn out that these groundbreaking therapies will lead to a new gold standard in medicine. ICEF15 has the potential to liberate a large number of patients from this debilitating form of incontinence.


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2American Journal of Gastroenterology, Diagnosis and Management of  Fecal Incontinence 2004