Innovacell - Biotechnologie


Company Profile

With ICES13, Innovacell Biotechnologie AG is the first company to develop a personalized cell-therapy treatment for patients suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Exceptionally promising results have been obtained from all the studies undertaken until now. Almost 400 patients have been recruited since 2011 for the Phase III study, which is currently being carried out in six European countries.


With a further product, ICEF15, Innovacell is developing a personalized cell-therapy  treatment for faecal incontinence. Demand for such a treatment is especially heavy, since at the present time, there is very little that can be done to relieve patients suffering from this ailment. After the successful conclusion of Phase I/II studies, work began with Phase IIb in October 2013. The trial was completed in 2016. 


Unlike any other medical products for the treatment of incontinence, Innovacell's cell-therapies offer, for the first time, a natural and potentially lifelong cure, which requires only a single minimally invasive surgery. Innovacell's cell therapies have the potential to set a new standard in the treatment of both SUI and faecal incontinence.


Innovacell Biotechnologie AG, which is based in Innsbruck, Austria, is privately owned.